Saturday, January 10, 2015


Ok. Hi Blog. I'm sorry I abandoned you for five years. I had a temporary fling with Facebook. But I've come to my senses and I'm back. Let's see...I think a lot has happened since 2010. I need to write about Asher. He is my third child that was born April 8 2012. He is nearly 3! He was a difficult baby. By far the most. He cried a lot. Constantly. Unless he was being held. He never learned to cry it out, cause I was a softy and caved after 2.5 hours of hurling screams. Currently, he is the worst sleeper of the three. He detests naps and fights through it. Unless he is in the carseat - then he gives in before the engine starts (if it's the right hour). Lately he is obsessed with batman pajamas, cape and mask. It has become part of the evening ritual to dress in this pre-bedtime attire. He still misses his lil buddy Tate from Delaware. He is a terrible bedmate - but I had to sleep with him to get him to stay in the bed when he escaped the pack and play. He has adorable curly blonde hair that I can't bring myself to cut. He loves to be in the mix of it with Carmen and Jonas and really does rile the two up all on his own. He loves trains (uses the Hemmingway twins for their great collection of Thomas trains) and for Christmas he got magnetic cars and a thomas train. He still hates it when any of us sing - no natter the song. I think its because I used to sing to him every night as a ritual...when he was a baby, so he associates it with sleeping. Anyway, he is a joy to have in the family.

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Ilene said...

Cute Asher! It's fun to get to know him better through that post.