Sunday, June 11, 2017

Claire and the others...

Well, here it is nearly two years later and I am posting again. It's better than the five your gap of last time. Claire is the topic of this entry. Realizing that the youngest child really does get jipped when it comes to baby books, blogs posts, videos and photos. I'm sorry Claire. And the irony is that she is the most photogenic, expressive one of them all and should have the MOST because she is always so adorable and fun to film. Claire Kathryn is almost 20 months old! She is by far my busiest toddler with Carmen following as a close second. Lately she just runs everywhere. She is the only toddler that loves to climb in dryer, throw tp rolls in toilet, get lotion all over herself and the rug. When any of us catch her in the act she says, "Hi!". She loves to say Look! and point to whatever. She also loves throwing food on the floor from her high chair. I need serious parenting tricks to cure her of some really annoying habits (screaming for things and throwing food mainly). She is the light of our life. She loves to say "Peek a boo!" when I force my sleepy eyes open in the morning after she walks in to wake us up. Love her!

The others are growing up way too fast. Carmen just started piano this last week. Really hoping she continues to practice without me having to really yell at her to do it. Asher will be going to kindergarten in the fall. Boo hoo!!!! And Jonas just read Harry Potter book 2 in two days. He's becoming quite a little  reader. The summers are both good and hard. We loved a recent beach trip with Bonnie and Jeff. But since we got back there has been too much tattle tale-ing!

Saturday, January 10, 2015


Ok. Hi Blog. I'm sorry I abandoned you for five years. I had a temporary fling with Facebook. But I've come to my senses and I'm back. Let's see...I think a lot has happened since 2010. I need to write about Asher. He is my third child that was born April 8 2012. He is nearly 3! He was a difficult baby. By far the most. He cried a lot. Constantly. Unless he was being held. He never learned to cry it out, cause I was a softy and caved after 2.5 hours of hurling screams. Currently, he is the worst sleeper of the three. He detests naps and fights through it. Unless he is in the carseat - then he gives in before the engine starts (if it's the right hour). Lately he is obsessed with batman pajamas, cape and mask. It has become part of the evening ritual to dress in this pre-bedtime attire. He still misses his lil buddy Tate from Delaware. He is a terrible bedmate - but I had to sleep with him to get him to stay in the bed when he escaped the pack and play. He has adorable curly blonde hair that I can't bring myself to cut. He loves to be in the mix of it with Carmen and Jonas and really does rile the two up all on his own. He loves trains (uses the Hemmingway twins for their great collection of Thomas trains) and for Christmas he got magnetic cars and a thomas train. He still hates it when any of us sing - no natter the song. I think its because I used to sing to him every night as a ritual...when he was a baby, so he associates it with sleeping. Anyway, he is a joy to have in the family.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Moments this fall

We went to Mackinac Island last month with my mom and sister Olivia. It was so FUN! These are a few of the pictures we took. We are determined to go again. Jonas had so much fun with his Aunt Olivia.

Carmen is a daddy's girl!

At the cider mill...
Six months old! (and two weeks). We call her button because she's as cute as a button and has a cute little button nose.
I thought this was a pretty picture to take at the park.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Summer Days drifting away...

Wow, I can't believe how fast this summer has gone by! We only really have one cool trip to show for it: Lake Michigan. Other than that, we pass our time at parks and in the back yard weeding, playing in the sand box, trying to grow things and swimming. I will try to post more pics of the other activities some other time. Carmen is nearly five months and as adorable as ever. She laughs, smiles easily, sucks her hands and fingers, snuggles every time she is held, does tummy time exceptionally well and is just cute. Jonas is testing every limit lately with spry attitude and spunk. He learned to make his first drip castle on the shores of Lake Michigan. He loves to swim (with his floaties on) and lately his most favorite things are sticks, balloons and balls. But mostly sticks.

Four months old....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Eight Hours are Back - Oh how I have missed them....

I didn't think it could actually happen to me. And I hesitate to even write it because I don't want to jinx it - but here goes: Carmen is sleeping through the night!!!!! Three months old, and she started doing it on her own! She's a genius I tell you. No stressful nights sleep training a crying baby in this house. Yea! She is an absolute gem. An angel. I could not have asked for a better baby. Is she really mine??? I hope she isn't saving all her difficult moments for the teen years. Oh well, if so, I will just enjoy it now.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Has it really only been three months?

I need to get better about importing pictures on a regular basis. I dread doing stuff like that. If blogging didn't require that I get my pics off my camera and on to my computer I would probably blog a lot more. I can't believe Carmen is already 3 the same time, I feel so much older than I did three months ago! I LOVE being a mom of two! But my body feels it. Everyday when I wake up I wonder why my body feels like a combination of getting run over by a semi truck and working out hard(both of which I have not happened) then I remember... I am just experiencing the first three months of parenthood along with chasing a toddler - great combo for being physically exhausted. I am already revisiting the pictures of Carmen in the first few weeks of life just because it is all so hazy! It is hard to appreciate those first few weeks when they fly by and you are in survival mode and then you are trying to still carry on with other things. Anyway, this is what we have been up to since I last blogged...

This is a picture of Carmen on her three month birthday. She has resorted to sucking her two middle fingers since her mommy won't give her the pacifier. Really she won't keep it in, her fingers taste better I guess. Just enjoy it now Carmen because braces are a comin...

Jonas turned 2 years old. He is so much fun. He was delighted to eat ice cream. We ate his favorite meal (hot dogs, peas, macaroni and cheese) and he got to eat ice cream with his two candles on it. He blew out the candles about ten times. Thrilling. Grandma Cox gave him a Thomas DVD and Muppets DVD, Grandma Annie gave him some good winter clothes and Mom and Dad gave him a big blue ball for his birthday! What could be better than that?
Carmen's first smile caught on camera. I think she was about seven or eight weeks here. We were at Del Taco - the closest we can get to feeling like we are eating good Mexican food in Arizona. Perhaps she will be a fan of Mexican food? "Give me some tacos mom!"
Jonas loves to take his stroller on walks...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Broken Lamp...

As I was reading Jonas his night time stories about 2 weeks ago, I hear this great big CRASH! I asked, "What was that?" (hoping and praying hard that it wasn't what I thought) Todd's reply: I'm sorry! I go out to our front room and my beautiful papi favorite thing...was shattered in a thousand pieces all over the carpet! Hear sinking, holding back the tears, hand over my jaw-dropped mouth, I stare wide-eyed and stunned. Get myself together, put Jonas night night, and begin calling my cousins to see if these lamps are still replaceable (I got it in a store we frequent when we go to San Carlos Mexico). Anyway, after helping Todd clean up the pieces I retired what was left of the lamp (the stand) to its graveyard: the garage. It now stands wanting to hold up it's red flower but having empty hands. Jonas is equally touched by my loss. His narrative of what happened has evolved weekly and even daily as follows:

Version 1: "Daddy, lamp, broke."
Version 2: "Daddy broke lamp."
Version 3: "Daddy broke lamp pajamas" (this detail was added since he remembered that the trauma occurred just before bedtime)
Version 4: Daddy broke lamp, mommy cried.
Version 5: Daddy broke lamp. Mommy cried. Sad.

And his latest version: "Daddy broke lamp, carpet." he says as he nods his head.
And with his voice now very soft he then adds, Mommy cried. Sad. Pajamas.

So, Todd and I are both having a hard time getting over the loss of our favorite thing...since Jonas reminds us daily.