Sunday, June 11, 2017

Claire and the others...

Well, here it is nearly two years later and I am posting again. It's better than the five your gap of last time. Claire is the topic of this entry. Realizing that the youngest child really does get jipped when it comes to baby books, blogs posts, videos and photos. I'm sorry Claire. And the irony is that she is the most photogenic, expressive one of them all and should have the MOST because she is always so adorable and fun to film. Claire Kathryn is almost 20 months old! She is by far my busiest toddler with Carmen following as a close second. Lately she just runs everywhere. She is the only toddler that loves to climb in dryer, throw tp rolls in toilet, get lotion all over herself and the rug. When any of us catch her in the act she says, "Hi!". She loves to say Look! and point to whatever. She also loves throwing food on the floor from her high chair. I need serious parenting tricks to cure her of some really annoying habits (screaming for things and throwing food mainly). She is the light of our life. She loves to say "Peek a boo!" when I force my sleepy eyes open in the morning after she walks in to wake us up. Love her!

The others are growing up way too fast. Carmen just started piano this last week. Really hoping she continues to practice without me having to really yell at her to do it. Asher will be going to kindergarten in the fall. Boo hoo!!!! And Jonas just read Harry Potter book 2 in two days. He's becoming quite a little  reader. The summers are both good and hard. We loved a recent beach trip with Bonnie and Jeff. But since we got back there has been too much tattle tale-ing!

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Hilary said...

Wow, Emily! Way to be a blogger! Maybe I'll follow suit!